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We have a unique engineering-focused approach to growing venture-backed technology and large enterprise companies.

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He has a deep network and is by far the most knowledgeable and proactive growth marketer I've ever worked with.

Maria Palma

VP of Business Development

RRE Ventures

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We are trusted by top investors and operators as the first call when companies need to grow faster.

SDR Team Build-Out & Coaching

We can help you take your SDR team from non-existent to a top-performing revenue-generating engine.

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Outbound Sales

We take your outbound sales motion from okay performance to transformative with scalable systems and automation.

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Seamless Analytics

Certified analytics engineers help design tracking that gives your team actionable metrics quickly.

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Data Supplementation

Couple your primary data with third-party data for next level insights and an almost unfair competitive edge.

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Onboarding & Retention

A leaky bucket leads to poor growth. Set users up for success by architecting the right onboarding journey.

growth experimentation
Growth Experimentation

The latest growth tactics discovered and applied to your business.

dashboard and reporting
Dashboarding & Reporting

Organize and see all your data in a format which drives insights so you can take action.

Growth engineering
Growth Engineering

We have a team of full stack engineers ready to build and bring tactics to life.

design and creative
Design & Creative

Best in class UI/UX design with a focus on conversion. Top 10 globally on Dribbble.

CEO of Design Inc

Brandon Lipman helped us immensely, he’s very meticulous and analytical. (should have hired him a year ago) and super fast on Slack.

Marc Hemeon

CEO & Co-founder

Your Growth Team

We are constantly discovering new platforms and tactics at bleeding edge of growth.

Conversational Social Selling Operationalized At Scale

Our approach to outbound is different. We provide the engineering for automated outbound at scale and best practices that way we can get your sales team leveled up faster.

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Outreach dashboard

Complete Command of Your Performance

All your conversational selling can now be measured and benchmarked in way that’s actually useful for sales managers and founders.

Proactively see which sales reps are falling behind and take action before its too late.

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Sync Your Leads in Your CRM

We are constantly discovering new platforms and tactics at bleeding edge of growth.

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Brandon has a solid understanding of content marketing. His research into our company/market identified a number of opportunities for us to improve, and reach future Pinshape users.
Brandon is extremely thoughtful, clever, and creative when it comes to growth and startup marketing. He offered to help in every way possible to make sure our beta launch was successful! was extremely lucky to have worked with Brandon!
Brandon has a “take charge” mentality and put 110% of his efforts into engaging corporate sponsors by emailing, calling hundreds of leads, following up, and not letting any potential opportunity go unturned.

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Enough talk, let's get on the journey to high impact growth

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the questions we often hear. Hopefully, these will help clarify.

Are you a growth hacker / growth marketer?

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Yes, but let's define growth hacker, and to do this, let's go back in time to the origins of the term. Growth hacking originated by Sean Ellias at Log Me In. He is the first person who coined the term. He created the term to describe a function that did not exist. A growth hacker is someone whose sole job is to drive growth via rapid experimentation and testing.

Once the term was used, it took off. Companies across the bay area and beyond started building out growth teams. Great companies from Dropbox, Airbnb, Uber, Lyft, Facebook, and Pinterest built some of the most renowned growth powerhouses. Trillion dollars of market cap came from these growth teams. However, what happened next is the term lost its roots. The growth hacking title became all the rage. Marketers, sales managers, designers, and product people renamed themselves "growth hackers."

The term became associated with all the tactics and "hacks" that often drive meaningless metrics. This is not growth hacking; it's hacking, tactics void of strategy, acquiring users without regard to retention. It's growth without an eye on building a sustainable, healthy business.

We at Redwhale don't believe in this. We want to reset and take back the proper definition of growth. Our definition is simple:

Growth marketing is the pursuit of driving the most valuable metrics for a business via solid operational processes and experimentation. Growth is at the intersection of four disciplines engineering, product, marketing, and sales.

Where are you based?

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Redwhale is a group of brilliant engineers and growth experts from around the world. We have offices in the United States, Africa, and Pakistan. Brandon Lipman, the founder, works out of Cincinnati and New York City.

Why should we invest in you vs an in house team?

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The real answer is you eventually should have an in-house growth team. You want to own the brainpower. However, in the current environment, the market for true growth talent, to put it nicely is limited.

It's insanely hard to hire for growth as most candidates lack tactical experience and/or the creative experimental approach needed. Hence, you end up having to hire a team not just a single VP of growth.

A typical lightweight growth team looks like a vp of growth, growth engineer, data engineer/analyst, and a ui/ux designer. The cost of a growth team can easily exceed $1.5 million a year. ‍

Plus the uptime of a growth team often is 12 months before they ultimately become productive.

You can hire Redwhale at a fraction of that as we have the full stack team experienced in the challenges and nuances of growth.

Are you an agency?

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Well, we call ourselves a consulting company. Most agencies out on the market are not as quality and do not serve the strategic and tactical needs of tech-driven companies.

If you have worked with an agency this may sound familiar, you get sold by someone with a capabilities deck that says they can do it all, they sound excited and you feel like they truly get the business and problems. They have experience and you feel confident.‍

You sign an agreement and then the guy/gal that got you so excited is gone. You are given a team of project managers and creative people that are fresh out of college or 2-3 years in. They lack strategy, direction, and experience.

We have seen this play out and it breaks our hearts. We want to bring the consultative approach and work to execute a shared vision we build together. ‍

When you hire us, you work closely with the founder of Redwhale and his highly skilled team of engineers and tactical executors. Everyone on the Redwhale team is trained and technical. You are not talking to any interns, no bait and switch.

Who don't you serve?

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So we don't work with companies we would not be excited to tell our friends/families about. It has to align with our team's expertise and values. The following industries and practices are no dice.

  • Drop-shipping companies
  • Affiliate marketing companies
  • Informational one-off courses
  • Tobacco
  • Online adult entertainment
  • Companies with dark UX patterns (un-cancelable free trials)

Also, we look for companies that have strong evidence of product-market fit and a solid team. So if you are still figuring that out we probably are not a fit yet.

Who do you serve?

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We are industry and vertical agnostic. We do not adhere to the thought that B2B is drastically different than B2C. Yes, the business models are different but the principles that underpin growth apply regardless of the business model. Here is a list of industries/types of companies we absolutely love working with:

  • Enterprise Software
  • Financial Services
  • Blockchain
  • AI/ML
  • PLG (Product Lead Growth Companies)
  • Bottoms up SaaS companies
  • Companies serving the modern data team
  • Healthcare
  • Data as a service
  • Predictive analytics
  • Dev tools
  • Supply chain and logistics

What does it cost?

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Sure, this is probably what you have been wanting to know. We price on a flat retainer basis. Typically this is a monthly amount and is recurring. Most of our partners work with us on an ongoing basis. We drive sustainable revenue growth via a combination of growth strategy, tactical execution, and knowledge transfer to your team. Our services are priced based on the value and expertise we bring.

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