Amplitude is a super powerful analytics software that gives you a ton of functionality for free.

Setup Amplitude

  1. Sign Up - Simply get started. Side note: take note of the beautiful signup and onbarding experience.
  2. Create A Project - Typically we suggest making your proejcts align to your containers in Google Tag Manager or your Segment instances. That way you can easily debugg and keep test data from altering metrics in Production.
Create your Amplitude Project - Redwhale - Growth Marketing Consulting
Step Two - Create your Amplitude Project
  1. Install Code - We are going to cover the most common JavaScript implementation. But later we will add details on for Mobile. While you could implement this manaully we highly suggest using a tag manager. Google Tag Manager and Segment are both good options.

Install Base Code Via Google Tag Manager

  1. Create Tag - At the workspace level create a new Tag. We suggest the following name"Amplitude - Marketing Production - Header Tag". The naming convention helps since

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