Retention & Onboarding

Set users up for success by creating a seamless onboarding experience and keep them coming back by adding loops into your products.

He has a deep network and is by far the most knowledgeable and proactive growth marketer I've ever worked with.

Maria Palma

VP of Busiess Developmemt

RRE Ventures

Unsung hero of growth

Retention metrics

Acquiring customers is important but loosing customers is like flushing capital down the drain. Acquiring 20 customers at $1 that leave is worse than acquiring 20 customers for $100.  

We help bring magical moments that delight to the front and center.

Product Nudges


Your relationship with your users are sacred. Each touchpoint either helps build or break trust. Notification fatigue and overloaded inboxes are real.

Build the right sequence of nudges that help build trust and convert users to into your biggest fans.

Build loops

Habbit Loops

We are creatures of habit, your product can be engineered to be habit forming. The best products embed psychological tactics into the core product experience.

We call these loops and can help you design them into your core product.

Results are easy to understand

Magical results

The best part, everything is trackable. You can see exactly what ads have driven for your business. No confusion.